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Fic: The Floor Under Our Feet Whispers

So apparently I forgot to post about this fic here when ShipSwap reveals happened. Ooops?

I'm pretty happy with how my first full-length Teen Wolf fic came out! Also, look at me, writing an actual ship-fic where the entire fic focuses on UST building to a first time.

Title: The Floor Under Our Feet Whispers
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Derek Hale/Sheriff Stilinski
Word Count: 2,216
Genre: Romance
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Home Depot, Praise Kink
Summary: Home Depot: For all your meet-cute needs.
John got his smile under control, then cleared his throat. “Do you need some help, son?”

Derek flushed, just like the last time. “No?”

“Are you sure about that?”

Derek slumped. “No.”

John clapped him on the shoulder encouragingly. “Good man. Always better to know when it's time to ask for help. Now tell me what you’re trying to do.”

Derek swayed into John's touch, then blinked and shook himself upright again.

Fics Available to Remix for Remix Redux 12

Since I'm using a bunch of ficlets to qualify for Remix Redux 12, and I post ficlets to AO3 as part of chaptered works organized by fandom, I figured it'd be easier to list all of my eligible works here along with ship info and word count.

Bodyswap, Joan & Sherlock, 191 words
Free Drinks, Carrie/Joan, 100 words
Purple Shirt of Sex, Joan/Marcus, 353 words
First Kiss, Joan/Marcus, 461 words
Casserole Dish, Joan/Marcus (though can be read as gen), 452 words
Classy, Joan/Ms. Hudson, 250 words
Better Than You, Carrie/Joan, 250 words
A Heap of Sun and Shadow, Joan/always-a-girl!Sherlock, 1,152 words
Your Want Is Bigger Than You, Joan/Ms. Hudson, Ms. Hudson/OFC, 5,969 words

Kushiel's Legacy
Kushiel's Scion AU, Imriel/Lucius, 316 words
Kushiel's Justice AU, Imriel/Maslin, 367 words
Punishment, Phedre/Ysandre, 522 words
Maslin de Lombelon with the Unforgiven, Gen, 347 words
Anniversary Present, Drustan/Phedre/Ysandre, 569 words
Distraction, Amarante/Sidonie, 250 words
Of Raging Tempests and Safe Harbors, Amarante/Sidonie, 1,286 words
Ar Lan y Mor, Hyacinthe/Sibeal & Hyacinthe/Moiread (but mostly gen Sibeal & Moiread), 1,367 words

Person of Interest
Pretending to be Married, Carter/Fusco, 249 words
Champagne, Carter/Zoe Morgan, 702 words
Prison AU, Reese &/ Finch, 217 words
Skin Hunger, Finch/Reese, 173 words
Dominance Hierarchy, Elias & Finch, 123 words
(a portrait in ones and zeroes), Root/The Machine, 100 words
Trust Gets In, Root/Shaw, 100 words
Animal Transformation, Finch/Reese (but mostly Fusco gen), 450 words

Teen Wolf
At Anchor, Kira/Lydia/Malia, 150 words
Resurrection, Allison/Erica/Lydia, 150 words
Howl, Laura/Lydia, 200 words
Good Taste, Kira/Lydia, 200 words
Elegy, Allison/Kira, 150 words
Totally Not a Mid-Life Crisis, Allison/Lydia, 200 words
Claws, Lydia/Malia, 250 words
The Floor Under Our Feet Whispers, Derek/Sheriff Stilinski, 2,216 words

Warehouse 13
Amnesia, Myka/Helena, 179 words
Not Quite the Mile-High Club, Myka/Helena, 250 words
the differing practicalities of text and image, Myka/Helena, 150 words
Seduction, Myka/Helena, 150 words
The Greater Part of Pleasure, Helena/Leena, 1,764 words
Pastimes More Suited to the Dark, Leena/Myka, 1,389 words
Toll the Silver Iterance, Helena/Myka, 1,673 words

Iron Man Movies
Casual Friday, Pepper/always-a-girl!Tony, 677 words
Hurt/Comfort, Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, 168 words
Get Their Good Tidings, Rhodey/Tony, 1,043 wirds
Homecoming, Rhodey/Tony, 614 words
Need and Want, Rhodey/Tony, 2,096 words
Worth the Keeping, Rhodey & Tony, 200 words
The Prolonging of Desire, Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, 1,015 words
The Tender Solemn Dawn-Time, Rhodey & Tony, 999 words
A Lonely, Lost Thing, Rhodey & Tony, 9,524 words
Simple Little Pleasures, Rhodey/Tony, 3,684 words
A Candle, When the Darkness Falls, Pepper & Rhodey, 1,182 words
Shining Steel and the Scent of Limes, Rhodey/Tony, 4,517 words

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Prank War, Thor Gen, 166 words
Jealousy, Rhodey/Tony, Rhodey & Steve, 284 words
At Times a Shield, Jane/Maya, 150 words
Happily Ever After, Pepper/Natasha, 250 words
Bodyguard AU, Pepper/Natasha, 189 words
Squishy, Darcy/Jane, 100 words
an' ye sometimes have t' roam, Nick/Maria, 2,435 words
500 mL, Bruce/Tony, 1,836 words
The 14th of February, Then and Now, Pepper/Natasha, 1,818 words
I Let My Fingers Do The Walking, Pepper/Natasha, Pepper/Tony, 925 words
Way Better Than Stationery, Pepper/Tony/Thor, 2,692 words
In a Tin Box, Pepper & Natasha, 1,258 words
Every Seven Years, Natasha/Pepper/Tony, 598 words
Here at the Quiet Limit of the World, Bruce & Thor, 1,024 words
More Blood Than Water, Natasha & Tony, 1,644 words

Agents of SHIELD and AoS/MCU Crossovers
Performance, Maria/Melinda, 100 words
Subtlety is Not Her Middle Name, Maria/Melinda, 200 words
Annul a Want, Melinda/Natasha, 1,020 words

Dear MCU AU Fest Creator

I... don't really have any idea how to format this letter. I apologize if it's therefore less helpful than it could be. My various other Dear Creator letters can be found here to give you a sense of my general likes/dislikes. (Plus there should be two more linked at the bottom of this post, but I didn't request any MCU ships in those, so they're less relevant.) And everything below is just me spit-balling; if you had an idea of what you wanted to write when you signed up that conflicts with any of the below, please go with your idea! I'm sure I'll love it.

Fic Requests
I've requested a lot of the same AUs across my ships, so I'll start with some general thoughts on what I would like in the common AUs.

Lost/Stranded Somewhere: I really like the dynamic of one person being lost/stranded and a local (or two) helping them out. Even better if the "lost"ness is metaphorical as well as literal. Happy with both urban and rural settings, and especially happy if the setting plays an important role in the story. Alternately, two (or three) strangers having to band together in a survival situation, so long as you don't go too graphic on any hurts.

Person of Interest fusion: I was envisioning more the feel and concerns of the stand-alone episodes of POI than the season-long plots; also I imprinted hardest on the cast of characters and the character dynamics from seasons 1-2, and though I still enjoy the show these days the concerns of seasons 3-4 are less important to me. In particular I liked the way nearly all of the characters could be seen trying to atone for their past mistakes, and the way they built a (kind of dysfunctional, sometimes combative) family along the way. I can see really loving casefic, hurt/comfort, and domesticity with this fusion.

Sherlock Holmes fusion: I'm happy with this being set either in the Victorian era (like the Robert Downey Jr. movies, obviously), or in the modern era (like Elementary). I don't need you to retain any of the specific details of plot from the movie, the original stories, or the television show; I'm mostly just interested in seeing how you write the MCU characters into the archetypal Holmes roles. That said, this AU also seems to lend itself to casefic, hurt/comfort, and domesticity and I love all those things.

Western: Feel free to go super tropey/cliched here! This is a more whimsical request -- I haven't read any Western AUs and I'm not even a huge fan of Westerns as a genre, so I don't have any preconceived notions of how I want this AU. I just think it'd be delightful to see my beloved MCU characters in this sort of setting. (And though I didn't request AU - Space, feel free to write me a Space Western a la Firefly! Probably not an *exact* fusion, but something set in that world or one of your own devision would definitely be welcome.)

Canon AU - Identity Porn: I'm really interested in seeing what would have happened if Rhodey (and Pepper) didn't find out so quickly that Tony was Iron Man. How would he/they have reacted to Tony turning his entire life (and company) on its head if all he/they knew was that he did it and then became a hermit? What would he/they think of Iron Man if he/they didn't know it was Tony in the suit?

And now, my preferred casting, if you will, for the various ships+AUs:


  1. Artificial Intelligence - I'm suddenly drawn to the idea of Rhodey as Tony's A.I. instead of Edwin Jarvis/JARVIS, though that could be angsty in a canon AU. Or you could combine this with the Person of Interest fusion and have Rhodey be the Machine!

  2. Lost/Stranded Somewhere - I'd really like for Rhodey to be the one lost, if you're going the stranger/local route.

  3. Person of Interest fusion - Tony as Finch and Rhodey as Reese, probably? Though I'd be interested in how you'd work the reverse...

  4. Sherlock Holmes fusion - Tony *has* to be Holmes, and Rhodey seems to fit Watson nicely.

  5. Western - No preferences!

  6. Canon AU - Identity Porn doesn't require casting, right? Everybody in their same roles, please!


  1. Lost/Stranded Somewhere - I'd love for Rhodey to be the one lost and Pepper/Tony be an established relationship if you're going the stranger/local route. If you're doing a survival story, you can have either Rhodey/Tony or Pepper/Tony established and the third person a stranger, or you can have all three be strangers to each other.

  2. Sherlock Holmes fusion - Tony as Holmes, Rhodey as Watson, Pepper as Mary seems a natural fit. Though if you're going the Elementary route, I could definitely see Tony as Sherlock, Pepper as Joan, and Rhodey as a slightly less paternal Gregson or a slightly older Bell.

  3. Soulmate-Identifying Marks - I only really love this trope when it's subverted somehow, which is why I've only requested it for my threesome. You can have all three have matching marks or only two or none of them at all, so long as the arc is not "World where people expect to find their soulmate --> characters have matching marks --> minor angst about not being wanted due to misunderstanding --> happy ending." I would prefer that there still be a happy ending though!

  4. Soulmates - Same as my preferences for the soulmarks. Also I do enjoy when soulmates gets combined with telepathy and/or shared pain/injuries, so long as there isn't significant whump.

  5. Steampunk - No preferences for casting. I do however have a preference for either fic set in a world magically devoid of sexism and racism or a fic that engages with its world's sexism and racism directly, rather than one where it's just background irritation.

  6. Canon AU - Identity Porn doesn't require casting, right? Everybody in their same roles, please!


  1. Fairy Tale - No real preferences; my knowledge base around fairy tales is only moderately deep, but if you have a more obscure one that you want to retell, I love to learn more! I just really love fairy tales made feminist and queered. Feel free to adhere strictly to one tale or just take the tropes or really subvert the genre.

  2. Lost/Stranded Somewhere - Natasha lost and Pepper the local, probably? Though it'd be fascinating to see Pepper be the lost one. . .

  3. Person of Interest fusion - So I could see an argument either way for one of them being Finch and one of them being Reese; if you have a strong inclination one way or another follow that. But I could also really get into Natasha as, say, Root or Shaw, and Pepper as Carter or Zoe Morgan, and as I adore all the POI ladies you can definitely go that route!

  4. Regency - Same as with the fairy tale request - just give me a regency romance that's more feminist and queer. If you've ever read Ellen Kushner's The Privilege of the Sword you could definitely take elements from that. If not, just know that I was definitely picturing Natasha learning to wield a sword when I made this request.

  5. Western - As it is with Rhodey/Tony, this desire is pretty whimsical; feel free to make it incredibly tropey/cliched so long as it remains fun! And again it can totally be a Space Western.

Art Requests

First off, of course, if anything I said up in the fic section strikes your fancy, please do follow that inspiration! Generally, I like art that conveys intimacy in one way or another -- pornographic art or just small scenes with strong emotion. I have reblogged a lot of fanart over on my tumblr if you want to take a look at things I've previously liked; I think I have a preference for strong color and clean lines but I also really enjoy the slightly messier and more organic feel of something sketchy and pencilled. If you aren't into doing backgrounds that's fine; I'm plenty happy with a focus simply on the characters' faces or bodies. On the other hand, I will delight in picking out little details of setting and world-building in the background if that's more your strong suit.

And there are definitely more AUs that I would love to receive art in than there are AUs that I requested fic in; if I could have, I would have requested each ship twice so that I could make additional art requests. As I didn't have that option, here are the additional AUs I would enjoy in an art gift. They all apply to any of my ships:

  1. 1940s

  2. Angels & Demons

  3. Apocalypse

  4. BDSM

  5. Catboys & Catgirls

  6. Cyborgs

  7. Daemons

  8. Historical

  9. Soulmate-Identifying Marks

  10. Space

  11. Steampunk

Dear Ship Swap Creator

(Normally I post this sort of thing on tumblr, because that's my fandom social media platform, but I can no longer access tumblr on my computer at all and there's no way I was going to type all of this in mobile. Then I'd usually use a Read More cut to save peoples' feeds, but they've stopped working on this computer too. So, sorry, LJ friends who will simply have to scroll by this. It's a temporary thing!)

Dear Ship Swap Author/Artist:

Thank you so much, first and foremost, for offering to create a fanwork for one of my favorite rare ships! If you already have an idea in mind for a pairing I requested, go for it — my tastes are wide and varied, so as long as it’s not non-con, death!fic, or a really dark AU, I’m sure I will enjoy it! But if you want some ideas, here are some suggestions for things I’m guaranteed to like:

Since this is a ship-based exchange, I’ll start by saying you can’t go wrong crafting me a PWP for any of these pairings. Generally speaking I love non-penetrative sex, cross-dressing, long drawn-out teasing, and most kinks — I especially like BDSM edgeplay including gun, knife, breath, fire, and wax play, sensory deprivation, rope & predicament bondage, and orgasm delay/denial. As far as bodily fluids go, I enjoy tears, blood play, come play, and watersports; I’m not a huge fan of spit, vomit, enemas, or scat, but they’re not absolute Do Not Wants. I’m also not much of a fan of humiliation (I’m okay if it’s in private, but public humiliation is pretty close to a hard limit for me) or role play (anything from basic teacher/student role play to animal play or age play), and I really don’t like infidelity or non-con. I do quite enjoy hate sex, however! But really, any kind of sex you can make hot and in character I will adore.

You don’t have to give me porn, though! I would also love to receive pretty much any sort of lower-rated pairing fic/artwork! Generally speaking, I love most genres: crack, fluff, get-together, developing or established relationship, curtain!fic, action/adventure, case!fic, trope!fic, and for art especially I love AUs. I’m also good with angst-with-a-happy/hopeful-ending, and hurt/comfort if it doesn’t slide over into character whump. If you’re writing a get-together, I adore both pining (one-sided or mutual) and friends-to-lovers scenarios. I also very much love polyamory and/or family-feels, where the relationship I’ve requested exists in a web of other relationships that are important to the characters.

On to the fandom-specific requests!

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan: I really love the tension between these two, the way they both deeply respect each other and feel highly competitive. I really like the idea of them being just as competitive when in an established relationship, but turning their competitiveness to sexier ends. I also love how much they look out for each other in understated ways, so Hotch knowing just how to sooth Morgan in the aftermath of cases that bring up Morgan's past trauma or Morgan knowing how to lend a hand when Hotch is having trouble balancing being a single dad and the leader of the unit would be fabulous. For art for these two I definitely kink on Hotch being so buttoned-up and Morgan being so much more dressed down; I could definitely also see them being pretty kinky. If that's not your cup of tea, however, something fluffy involving Jack and/or Clooney would be just as much loved.

Kushiel's Legacy
Kaneka/Phedre no Delaunay, Kaneka/Wali: Oh man, Kaneka reclaiming her body and sexuality after her time with the Mahrkagir is balm to my soul. So for fic I'd love to see either an expanded version of Kaneka/Wali's romance from Kushiel's Avatar or a missing scene where Kaneka/Phedre happens sometime before they part (though I adore the Phedre/Joscelin relationship in Avatar, so only sometime after those two find their way back to each other with the fish). I'd also love to see where Kaneka's life goes in the years after, either a continuing relationship with Wali or a chance meeting with Phedre much later, maybe when Phedre is off hiding the Book of Rahab during Kushiel's Justice. For art, in addition to something obviously shippy/smutty, I'd also love an illustration of pretty much any scene Kaneka has with either Wali or Phedre in Avatar.

Person of Interest
Joss Carter/Zoe Morgan/Sam Shaw: I desperately want fic post-“Lady Killer” where Joss/Sam/Zoe celebrate with sex; I just as desperately want a Carter Lives!AU where Sam & Zoe help Carter take down HR. I can see everything from a one-night-stand to a one-true-love scenario with this trio, and I want it all. For art, I would love something playing up how they can fit together symbolically - Carter as Justice, Shaw as War, Zoe Morgan as Politics or something like that. (Not necessarily that example specifically, but I love the way each woman has her own strength and the show valorizes each of their various methods of accomplishing what they need to accomplish.) Finally, though I've requested only the trio, that's mainly because I didn't have the slots to nominate each of the individual pairings as well; if none of these ideas quite work for you, I'd be just as happy receiving Carter/Zoe Morgan, Zoe Morgan/Shaw, or Carter/Shaw!

Lionel Fusco/John Reese: This is the pairing, out of all the ones I’ve requested, that I probably like the darkest. I feel like both men would feel dirtier for having a liaison with each other — Fusco mired in guilt for having once planned to kill Reese and potentially feeling partially forced (I’m okay with dub-con here, but not outright non-con); Reese feeling like looking at Fusco is like looking into a mirror of him at his worst, a hired killer who knows where all the bodies are hidden but who’s trapped by that, who doesn’t have the power to change things for the better. I think this’d be especially interesting if they came together just after Carter’s death, both of them hurting at the loss of the best of their little band. But if you don’t want to write something so dark, I also would love to see something lighter still playing with power dynamics — I totally agree with much of the fanon around Finch/Reese that has Reese being Finch’s sub, but I think Reese would Dom the hell out of Fusco. And even without the D/s dynamic, the way Reese always lingers over “Lionel” is just shivery-good, and I’ve love to see him teasing Fusco throughout a case with that. For art, this pairing is built for height kink; I'd also love if their brawl in the rain and mud got recreated in a sexier way. ;)

Warehouse 13
Myka Bering/Leena: They just seem like they’d be so sweet together. I see them both as the emotional heart of the show, the ones who hold everyone else together, and so I think they’d be lovely as a pair. For fic I think I’d especially like them being strong for everyone else after something traumatic, then taking comfort in each other in the dark of the night. Alternately, I would love either a Myka-comforts-Leena fic in the aftermath of MacPherson’s tampering with her mind or a Leena-comforts-Myka fic in the aftermath of any of the times HG left Myka. And if you wanted to write something sexier, I can definitely see these two teasing each other throughout the day, keeping their relationship not quite a secret but discreet while driving each other wild. I also haven’t read nearly enough fix-it fics for Leena’s death, so feel free to engage with that part of canon as long as there’s a happy/hopeful ending. For art I would love something that captures some sort of intimacy between the two of them — physical or emotional. (I know that's vague, but with this ship I'm more about a feeling of warmth and comfort than anything more specific!) Alternately, I'd love to see an artist's take on what Leena's perception of peoples' auras might be!

Crossover Ships
Eve Moneypenny/Pepper Potts, Eve Moneypenny/Natasha Romanov: I just feel like Eve would have such an interesting interaction with either Pepper or Natasha, given what we see of Eve's career path in Skyfall. Eve wanting to be someone like the Black Widow, or being afraid of becoming someone like the Black Widow, then actually meeting the legend either while she was still active as a field agent or once she moved into the more administrative role. Eve initially scorning the woman as power-behind-the-throne trope and thus not thinking much of Pepper, then having to change her mind after she begins to fill that role at MI6 and/or when her work brings her more into contact with Pepper herself. If none of that works for you, I'd also love some sort of mission fic with either pairing (or the trio!); or even just a one-night stand in an anonymous hotel room/airport waiting room/conference center. For art I must admit my shallowness with these women especially -- I think they're all three gorgeous, and haven't thought much beyond that. Something playing up the differences in their bodies -- Eve's height and slender musculature versus Natasha's shorter and more voluptuous (though no less powerful) figure; Eve's dark skin and curly hair versus Pepper's light skin and straight hair. As with Hotch/Morgan, I can also really get into some kink with either of these pairings: guns, knives, ropes, etc. all very much welcome.

2014 In Review

So 2014 is a thing that happened.

Things that stood out particularly: Survived what I'm pretty sure was my version of a manic episode back in late spring, which I'll take as a win because I was the most actively suicidal I've been since Chicago and there were points I really wasn't sure I would make it; got a job after more years than I really want to own up to of unemployment; (potentially) lost a whole heck of a lot of writing when my laptop hard drive fried itself.

But almost all of the year was focused on writing, like the year before was, so that's what I'm focusing on in this post.

Total words: 58,240
JATWIWB 'Verse: 4,839
Fic Assignments: 14,333
Other Fan Fiction: 28,408
Original Fiction: 480
Blog Posts: 9,910
Total days: 117

Seasonal Production
Winter: 17,476
Spring: 17,427
Summer: 12,131
Fall: 11,206

Public or Not
AO3: 43,662
Blog: 9,910
Unpublished: 4,668

Completed Pieces
Your Want is Bigger Than You. Joan/Ms. Hudson romance with polyamory and dragons. 5,969 words.
A Heap of Sun and Shadow. Joan/Sherlock retirement/first kiss fic. 1,152 words.
Worth the Keeping. Rhodey/Tony double drabble in the JATWITB 'verse. 200 words.
What You Really, Really Want (The By the Skin of her Teeth Remix). Bruce/Pepper/Tony remix fic, mostly a Pepper character study. 1,500 words.
Need and Want. Rhodey/Tony present-tense 5+1 get-together fic. 2,096 words.
I Let My Fingers Do The Walking. Natasha/Pepper PWP. 924 words.
Homecoming. Rhodey/Tony age-and-gender play fic with Rhodey as the little. 614 words.
The Fourteenth of February, Then and Now. Natasha/Pepper timestamp fic. 1,818 words.
500 mL. Bruce/Tony watersports fic. 1,836 words.
Get Their Good Tidings. Scenery porn from Rhodey's POV in the JATWITB 'verse. (Technically Rhodey/Tony, but it's waaaay in the background.) 1,043 words.
an' ye sometimes have t' roam. Maria/Nick service submission & developing relationship. 2,435 words.
Annul a Want. Melinda/Natasha post-Winter Soldier angst. 1,020 words.
Warehouse 13
Pastimes More Suited to the Dark. Leena/Myka no-Warehouse AU. 1,389 words.
The Greater Part of Pleasure. Helena/Leena PWP. 1,764 words.
Other Fandoms
The Hour of Comfort. The Necromancer Chronicles. Ashlin/Nikos/Savedra post-book hurt/comfort & developing relationship. 1,345 words.
they make the latitudes and longitudes. The Amazing Spider-Man. Gwen/Peter/Harry fix-it fic. 1,295 words.

Slow Ripening Fruit. MCU. Rhodey/Tony pre-slash in the JATWITB 'verse. 4,648 words, 1/3 chapters.
In the Shape of You. Warehouse 13. Helena/Myka angst with infidelity. 500 words, 2/10 chapters.

1. Joan & Sherlock bodyswap
2. Joan & Sally Donovan post-ep. 2x16
3. Carrie/Joan in med school making out
4. Joan/Marcus purple shirt of sex
5. Joan/Marcus first kiss
6. Joan/Marcus pre-slash with food-sharing
7. Joan/Ms. Hudson character study
8. Carrie/Joan in med school being competitive
Kushiel's Legacy
1. Imriel/Lucius post-Scion AU
2. Imriel/Maslin Justice AU
3. Phedre/Ysandre flogging
4. Maslin character study
5. Drustan/Phedre/Ysandre tattoo/marking kink
6. Amarante/Sidonie rope bondage
1. Tony & Clint & Thor in a prank war
2. Pepper/fem!Tony character study through clothing
3. Rhodey/Tony jealousy
4. Maria/Melinda fake relationship angst
5. Maria/Melinda semi-public teasing
6. Jane/Maya size!kink
7. Natasha/Pepper soulbond
8. Natasha/Pepper bodyguard AU
9. Pepper/Rhodey/Tony hurt/comfort
10. Darcy/Jane body image issues
Person of Interest
1. Carter/Fusco fake marriage
2. Carter/Zoe Morgan PWP with rimming
3. Finch/Reese prison AU
4. Finch/Reese touch starvation
5. Elias & Finch character study
6. Root/The Machine PWP
7. Root/Shaw trust issues
8. Finch/Reese animal transformation
1. Bond/M handcuffed together
2. Eve/M service submission
3. Eve/M fingering
4. Bond/M semi-public sex
Teen Wolf
1. Kira/Lydia/Malia sensory-focused character study
2. Allison/Erica/Lydia resurrection AU
3. Laura/Lydia beta!Lydia AU
4. Kira/Lydia pining
5. Allison/Kira pining & angst
6. Allison/Lydia mid-life crisis AU
7. Lydia/Malia bonding over manicures
Warehouse 13
1. Helena/Myka amnesia fic
2. Helena/Myka awkward sex
3. Helena/Myka Emily Lake angst
4. Helena/Myka seductiveness

So I completely failed to meet either the stretch goal of 100,000 words or the seemingly-reasonable goal of 75,000 words written in 2014. I can't even blame the acquisition of a job or the loss of my computer, because I was well-behind before that point. I'm sad about that, but not particularly blaming myself -- looking back over my monthly recaps it was a rough year mental-health-wise, and just when things were getting better I did run into the previously-mentioned practical difficulties of job-acquisition and laptop-loss.

What I was a little sadder about was that I spent most of the year feeling like my writing sucked balls. Well, not quite sucked balls, but I felt like I was floundering all year, struggling with just about every piece and not really capturing my initial inspiration in the final product. I felt like I had hit one of those plateaus - 2013 was all basic skill acquisition, dramatic increases in ability with every attempt, and 2014 was that leveling off point where I just had to buckle down and grit it out, forcing myself to do things that felt unnatural in order to get better, but unable to see the progress because I was so close to the effort. It was incredibly disheartening.

But a couple people on tumblr and AO3 left some really generous comments on some of my Warehouse 13 fics and while I was feeling good about that I dared reread some of the stuff I wrote early in 2014. And you know what? I kind of love it. Sure there're minor things I'd change -- I caught a typo, there are some awkward word choices and a few places where my pronouns are ambiguous -- but overall I think I *did* capture what I was going for, at least more of the time than I was crediting myself with in my head.

So with that in mind, I think my favorite fics that I wrote in 2014 are Pastimes More Suited to the Dark, Need and Want, and Your Want is Bigger Than You.

Need and Want was very much the same sort of experience as The Prolonging of Desire, my favorite of my fics from 2013: I had a fairly strong initial inspiration, and then the fic that resulted did exactly what I wanted it to. I don't actually like present tense as much as it seems when I say those are two of my favorite fics that I've written, but I think it works for what I was trying to do with both of them -- it helps capture a sort of impressionistic snapshot of relationships in progress. I also really wanted there to exist some fic where it's Rhodey pining for Tony for years, and denying himself because he thinks Tony doesn't *really* want him, and every time I need that itch scratched rereading what I wrote helps.

Pastimes More Suited to the Dark is a fic that I had frankly thought was a complete miss -- I wrote it and it got barely any hits or kudos and no comments because it's a pairing that apparently I am the only person in the world to ship and I'm pretty sure my few subscribers are subscribed to me for the MCU so it wasn't like I was going to convert the people who had to see that I had posted it. It made me sad, because I really, really ship Myka/Leena and I want there to be fic for me to read, but mostly the whole experience just made me put the plan for the Myka/Leena fic in the Warehouse 13/Kushiel's Legacy fusion series even further on the back burner. But then I reread it after the comments came in a few weeks ago and I was immediately back exactly where I wanted readers to be when I wrote it. It's maybe a little bit Any Two Girls fic, as all significant AUs tend to be, but I like the physicality I got into it, there's a moment that still makes me laugh out loud, and there's a line that I absolutely adore.

And as I said while I was writing it, Your Want is Bigger Than You is by far the most ambitious thing I've finished, in that it is an actual fully-fledged story with a plot arc and everything. On the one hand I wish, desperately, that I had had two more weeks (or months) to let it sit so that I could go back in an do some major editing, but that's not because something is fundamentally broken about it -- it's because there's enough there that it could stand up to that sort of reworking, taking out and adding scenes to tighten it up and make sure every word was helping build to the climax. Everything else I've written has been more along the lines of a vignette, and so while I think a lot of other things are more satisfying nothing else has gotten me closer to my actual goal of someday writing a publishable novel. Also, I was totally serious about having a lot of feelings about Ms. Hudson as a muse and how polyamory and possessiveness work, and those are right there on the page like I wanted.

But since I'm talking about vignettes, I also need to talk about one of the major changes to my writing focus in 2014: because I was having so much difficulty with writing for most of the year I began answering prompts in places like tumblr and femslash100 just to get a quick-and-easy comment-fix and to feel like I had accomplished something no matter how much longer projects were fighting me. And I discovered that I kind of love the super-short-form, and I also think I'm fairly good at it. (These two things may be linked.) I love having the excuse to just paint an image, no context necessary; I love being able to pare down a relationship to a single moment that captures what I feel about it; I love the single-line twist of an ending.

Now obviously not every ficlet I've written has been successful at those things; going back through them to make the list above the quality varied pretty widely, much more widely than the quality of my longer fic. But quite a few of the ficlets were some of my favorite pieces of my writing in 2014. The ones that particularly stand out to me are: Purple Shirt of Sex, Performance, Skin Hunger, (a portrait in ones and zeroes), Hands, At Anchor, Elegy, and the differing practicalities of text and image. And there are at least a dozen more that I love almost as much.

I also really like that writing ficlets let me play with fandoms and characters I wouldn't feel confident writing a full fic about, and the challenge and freedom of writing something based off a prompt of only a word or three.

I'm not setting goals for myself (writing or otherwise) for 2015; as I'm still adjusting to being employed and I still don't know whether I'll get back everything on my laptop hard drive, I have no idea what sort of goals are reasonable, and I'm still feeling a little too fragile to risk disappointing myself. I mostly just want to keep writing consistently, whatever the word count or project, and be pleased by what I've written come January 2016.


Fic: A Heap of Sun and Shadow

Reveals for holmestice were today; here's the fic I wrote, finished in no small part due to a great deal of encouragement from sanguinity. This is the last thing I finished in 2014, a bit of retirement-era fluff for Joan and always-a-girl!Sherlock.

Title: A Heap of Sun and Shadow
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson
Word Count: 1,152
Genre: Retirement Fic
Rating: G
Additional Tags: Always-a-Girl!Sherlock, First Kiss
Summary: Twenty-five years on, Joan and Sherlock retire to upstate New York together.
Joan woke her first official morning living at the farm to the weight of a tattooed arm across her waist, small breasts pressed against her back, and Sherlock's surprisingly high-pitched snore in her ear.

November Writing Recap

Total words: 1,897
JATWIWB 'Verse: 0
Fic Assignments: 1,348
Other Fan Fiction: 549
Original Fiction: 0
Blog Posts:

Total days: 6

So. . . yeah. Work pretty much consumed me for the month of November. But I am (finally) out of training, which means that my hours are going down to only about 20/week, which is bad for my wallet and my debts but good for the possibility of getting a bit more writing done right here at the end of the year.

My holmestice fic is done but not revealed yet; I'm really trying to finish up the Sam/Steve kinkmeme fill and make a dent on the prompts for In the Shape of You, and beyond that. . . I don't have anything I *have* to work on. I am waaay late on a gift fic for my giveaway winner over on tumblr, and of course there's Slow Ripening Fruit still languishing at chapter 1/3, but I'm finally not feeling over-committed on fic writing after a year of far too many exchanges so I'm not going to constrain myself.

October Writing Recap

Total words: 8,695
JATWIWB 'Verse: 0
Fic Assignments: 5,589
Other Fan Fiction: 2,181
Original Fiction: 0
Blog Posts: 925

Total days: 14

Two weeks late, because I was unexpectedly without internet access for the first two weeks of the month. I have also been really really busy with the new job.

Lots of writing in October, mostly on Your Want is Bigger Than You, which is in many ways the most ambitious thing I've ever completed. I'm really proud that I made it through it, though the response to it was significantly more muted than I had hoped. Beyond that I wrote a bunch of ficlets (5 for Teen Wolf, 3 for the MCU, 2 for Elementary, and 1 for Skyfall) and the first of ten ficlets in my Warehouse 13 drabble cycle, which will ultimately be a complete fic (currently titled In the Shape of You).

Of course, even with all that writing I still came up just short of my goal for the month. So if I'm going to hit 75,000 words for year then for the last two months I need to write 9,636 words, and thus far November is really not looking promising in that regard. I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo (because work), and my focus is probably going to be on my holmestice assignment, finishing up the Sam/Steve kinkmeme fill and In the Shape of You, and whatever ficlet prompts strike my fancy.

Writing Recap, 10/19 - 10/25

Total words: 135
JATWIWB 'Verse: 0
Fic Assignments: 135
Other Fan Fiction: 0
Original Fiction: 0
Blog Posts: 0

Total days: 1

Very little writing this week; all 135 words were last-minute edits to the femslashex fic, which was revealed yesterday. I'm giving myself a pass though, because I was coming off one of the most intense weeks of writing in my life and because it was my first week at a new job. Also I'm too glum today for self-flagellation.

Fic: Your Want Is Bigger Than You

Reveals for femslashex were this evening; I'm taking a break from reading the fabulous novel-length Christine Everhart/Natasha Romanov fic that was posted for me to announce my own fic. My recipient said that everything was better with dragons, and I just couldn't resist. Somehow I also ended up pouring all my feels about Ms. Hudson as a muse and the compatibility of polyamory and possessiveness into the second-longest story I've ever written (and the longest continuous story; A Lonely, Lost Thing is two chapters posted a couple months apart, so a different sort of beast). It also has something resembling a plot. It definitely wouldn't have happened without sanguinity, who talked me through both the disaster with my laptop (even helping me research when I couldn't access google!) and several hundred words of travelling down a very wrong path. And I'm so glad she was there to do that, because I'm really happy and proud of the fic that resulted.

Title: Your Want Is Bigger Than You
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Ms. Hudson/Joan Watson, Ms. Hudson/OC
Word Count: 5,969
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Additional Tags: Polyamory, Consulting Detective Joan Watson, Muse Ms. Hudson, Everything Is Better With Dragons
Summary: Marthe has been keeping secrets from Joan. Joan never would have guessed this.
For all Marthe’s clear unease whenever her new living situation came up, Joan couldn’t believe that she was hiding something bad. Joan had never seen Marthe happier.

She was always lovely. In all the time they had known each other, Marthe had impressed Joan with her elegance, her poise, her grace, all the more because Joan knew exactly how hard-won those qualities could be. But Joan had never really understood, at gut-level, what all those men, those poets and painters and power brokers, had been so absolutely captivated by.

But now… Marthe glowed.

Her eyes sparkled and her laugh rang out, low and rich and musical. Her hands painted pictures in the air as she spoke and her hips swayed bewitchingly as she walked. There was magic to her, a breath of spring against the failing autumn sun, a warmth against the encroaching chill.

Joan knew she was being a little childish, but she wanted to know what had caused this transformation, what had brought Marthe to life in a way Joan had never been able to.