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Fic: my tired soul on fire

My holmestice fic has been revealed! I attempted a new Holmes adaptation -- My Dearly Beloved Detective, a Russian film in which Sherlock Holmes was fictional but so many people came to 221b Baker Street looking to hire him that the owners of the property hired Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson to run an actual detective agency out of the residence. (The film is available in its entirety on YouTube, complete with fan-written English translations, here.) The film is a delightful mix of zaniness and understated melancholy; naturally I went straight for the angst. Also featured: canon cross-dressing, break-up sex. I had a rough time in the writing -- this is the first time I've literally taken a fic apart and put it back together in a different order -- but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Title: my tired soul on fire
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, My Dearly Beloved Detective
Relationship(s): Shirley Holmes/Jane Watson
Word Count: 1,273
Genre: Angst
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: POV First Person
I ached for everything we had been to each other, everything we could have been together. For every case we would not get to solve together; for all the useful skills I would not get to teach her; for every quiet evening in we would no longer spend chatting over our books or our mending.

Fic: A Circuit Connected

My smutswap fic has come off anon! I went down a couple dead-end roads in the writing of it, and the result feels less polished than I like, but ultimately I had a lot of fun, and hopefully that comes through in the fic too. Also, c'mon, Melinda/Pepper is way too hot not to get more play in fic, I don't care that they've never even met in canon.

Title: A Circuit Connected
Fandom: MCU
Relationship(s): Melinda May/Pepper Potts
Word Count: 2,034
Genre: PWP
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Accidental Soulbond, Soulbond Made Them Do It, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Clothed Sex, Public Sex
Summary: It shouldn’t have been possible. You were supposed to need an overarching will for the bond, a clarity of purpose even the most committed couples struggled to find. And yet still, somehow, Pepper had accidentally ended up bonded to one Melinda May, secret agent.

8 Ficlets for Chocolate Box

So fics have come off anon for Chocolate Box, which means I can now claim mine! I ended up writing eight (8!), all exactly 300 words because I'm ridiculous. It all started when I ended up matching my recipient on three separate fandoms, and then there were people requesting ships that I adore but that are super-rare, and then there were people that I just *had* to treat, so. . . 8 300-word ficlets, in a variety of fandoms and genres.

Alas, I don't think they all work completely, but I really love two of them and two others took me by surprise with their popularity and all my recipients seemed happy, so I'm calling this exchange a win! Though I don't know that I'd do it again -- eight ficlets meant coming up with EIGHT SEPARATE TITLES AND SUMMARIES. /o\

Title: A Delicate Homeostasis
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Word Count: 300
Genre: Future Fic
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Domestic
Summary: One Watson and one Holmes, increasingly intertwined.

Title: Lullabye and Good Night
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Alfredo Llamosa & Joan Watson
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Joan Watson/Sleep, Developing Friendship
Summary: Alfredo keeps ending up watching over a sleeping Joan.

Title: A Fire That Burns Unseen
Fandom: How to Get Away with Murder
Relationship(s): Annalise Keating/Bonnie Winterbottom
Word Count: 300
Genre: Medieval AU
Rating: Teen
Additional Tags: Fealty, Angst, Canon-Typical Dark Themes
Summary: Lady Annalise is worth it.

Title: So Beautifully Matched
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Iron Man Movies
Relationship(s): Maya Hansen/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Word Count: 300
Genre: Relationship Study
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies
Summary: Maya struggles to find her place with Pepper and Tony.

Title: A Sweet Smile and Lithe Arms
Fandom: Person of Interest
Relationship(s): Zoe Morgan/John Reese
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluffy Smut
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: BDSM, Blindfolds, Friends with Benefits.
Summary: Zoe loves to put John on his knees.

Title: Tremble for Yourself
Fandom: Person of Interest
Relationship(s): Lionel Fusco/John Reese
Word Count: 300
Genre: Angstier Smut
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Voice Kink, Sexual Fantasy
Summary: Fusco hates the way Reese says his name.

Title: Your Hand Found Mine
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Relationship(s): Finn/Rey
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: First Kiss
Summary: Rey liked touch, but she was never casual with it.

Title: Borrow Your Lust
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Relationship(s): Terrence Cee/Ethan Urquehart
Word Count: 300
Genre: Developing Relationship
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Mixed Orientation Relationship, Telepathy, Post-Canon
Summary: Terrence has a perfectly reasonable idea for how to close the distance between them. Ethan doesn't react the way he expects.

Two Tumblr Fics

Wrote two fics for prompts on tumblr, one Elementary, one Iron Man. Alas, even pounding these out at the end of the month didn't catch me up to be on track for getyourwordsout. . .

Title: Regarding Mating Behavior in Domesticated Cockatuosaurs
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Joan Watson & Presbury the Cockatuosaurus
Word Count: 837
Genre: Crack
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Pet Ownership, Brownstone Menagerie, Bird Behavior, Masturbation
Note: Inspired by (and using a character from) sanguinity's fic Holocene Park.
Summary: Come spring, Presbury begins displaying some unexpected behaviors...

Title: Three Decades, Three Proposals
Fandom: Iron Man Movies
Relationship(s): James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark
Word Count: 849
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Proposals, Established Relationship
Summary: Tony never could just come out and ask for things. . .

Fic: Every Step, Every Breath

My Holly Poly fic has come off anon! It's got practically as many relationships going as it has words, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out, as I got to play with a kink that the show is just *built* for.

Title: Every Step, Every Breath
Fandom: Person of Interest
Relationship(s): John Reese/Sameen Shaw, Harold Finch/John Reese/Sameen Shaw, Harold Finch/John Reese, Harold Finch & Root, Root/Sameen Shaw, Harold Finch & The Machine, The Machine & Root
Word Count: 1,135
Genre: Relationship & kink study?
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Rough Sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation
Summary: Reese and Shaw act; Finch, Root, and the Machine watch.
So I ended up stuffing four stockings with something this year; two full-length fics of the kinky PWP variety, two double-drabbles still centered around sex but not quite so explicit. Two were written at the tail end of 2015, so I've updated my 2015 in Review post with their info; two were written this year. All were quite a bit of fun, though I'm not sure I quite managed to wrangle the complicated feelings involved in the Teen Wolf fic.

Title: Control
Fandom: Inception
Relationship(s): Arthur/Saito
Word Count: 1,837
Genre: PWP
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Dom/sub, Watersports, Bladder Control, Orgasm Control, Edging
Summary: Saito buttons Arthur up.

Title: Ain't Nothing That I Need
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Marcus Bell/Joan Watson
Word Count: 200
Genre: Relationship Study
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Mixed Orientation Relationship, Femdom, Aromantic Joan Watson
Summary: Happiness is never having to say I love you.

Title: The Phantom Ache of Cold Steel
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 1,447
Genre: PWP
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Post-Nogitsune, Knifeplay, Bloodplay
Sometimes, after, Stiles smells wrong. Smells of excitement at times when before he only smelled of terror; smells of lust at times when before he only smelled of disgust. When Scott opens his Alpha eyes there’s a shadow, barely perceptible, lurking just over his shoulder.

Stiles’s eyes linger on the knife block in the kitchen.

Title: First Time for Everything
Fandom: James Bond (Craig-verse)
Relationship(s): Eve Moneypenny/Q
Word Count: 200
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Fail Sex, Pre-Canon
Summary: Penises are weird.

Fic Series: Response Ficlets

I've been toying with the idea of writing at least one ficlet in direct response to the television I watch each week for a while, as a sort of experiment in fan fiction as canon reaction rather than fan fiction as a genre in and of itself. I haven't done it before because it seemed like a lot to commit to, and of course it isn't directly tied to my larger goals of learning how to write longer, plottier things in service to eventually writing original work again.

But then last night I watched this week's Elementary, and. . . yeah. I *had* to write a response ficlet, because, just, NO. Joan does not have to apologize for being angry that her estranged step-father wrote a book about her without her permission in which there is an actual sex scene between her and Sherlock. I haven't been so viscerally yucked by something on my television in quite a while. I'm with the AV Club review: "This show is a procedural; if Joan weren’t a main character, these would be Murderer Red Flags," not grounds for a heartwarming family reunion scene. I couldn't go to sleep until I'd done something to process my reaction a little. Here are the results:

Title: A Scoundrel and a Creep
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Joan & Kitty, Joan & Henry Watson
Word Count: 260
Genre: Episode Tag
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: Kitty Winter reads Grover Ogden

And so I've committed myself. I don't know if I'm going to be able to really do this once a week (after all, there are all those summer months where there isn't much new television on the air), but at least now I've taken the plunge and said I'm going to try. Besides, anything to boost my wordcount for getyourwordsout, right?

(Also: Jesus fuck, my little tiny crumb of representation, a mixed Asian/white family, gets used for this?!? A cheap joke obviously driven by misogynistic racism?!?)

Plans for 2016

The biggest thing I'm planning for 2016 is that I signed up for Get Your Words Out. I first learned about it at the end of 2013, and would have signed up for 2014 if they had a 100,000 word option, but the smallest option available was 150,000 words, and that was too scary to contemplate. This year, having had a not-very-productive 2015 but an EXTREMELY productive November 2015, I've decided 150,000 might just be reachable. Or, if it isn't actually reachable, at least I won't shoot off my foot, as the saying goes?

Way back in October, I was planning on making my goal for 2016 writing a longfic; since I ended up doing that in 2015, I guess my goal for 2016 is just more longfic -- let's say four, one for each season. No specific wordcount, because I'm still new enough to the length that I have no good way to predict what I'll be able to do. But more immediately, in the first month (or two) I want to:

  • fill at least one more stocking for Fandom Stocking

  • finish my Holly Poly fic

  • revise, beta, polish, and post my NaNo fic

Moderate-term goals include:

  • finish my firebird AU Iron Man fic

  • finish that languishing Sam/Steve kinkmeme fill

And I already have three pretty firm ideas for my longfic:

  • For Teen Wolf, Scott/Stiles A/B/O subversion fic with complicated fantasy gender dynamics and probably messy polyamory

  • For MCU, Rhodey/Tony college-era kidfic (which would be a very belated giftfic)

  • For Warehouse 13, Helena/Myka ranch AU based on a Garth Brooks song

In non-fandom writing, I would like to get back to writing book reviews. Of course, this requires me to do non-fandom reading as well, which I did not accomplish whatsoever in 2015. So picking up published fiction again is a definite goal for 2016.

And even though I say it every year, and every year I fail, I do want to blog more! I always have Thoughts about the television and movies I watch; I just never end up drafting those thoughts into essay format. But I want to! And now that that wordcount would count for GYWO (I think), maybe I'll have enough motivation?


2015 in Review

2015 treated me better, mental health-wise, than 2014 did; probably because I was really busy and so my brain couldn't turn inward and try to eat itself like it was doing before. It was nowhere near as productive writing-wise, however, which is understandable but disappointing. Here's what I posted in 2015.

Posted Stats
Total words posted: 11,254
Production by Fandom:

  • Elementary: 1,172 words

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: 882 words

  • Teen Wolf: 3,916 words

  • Warehouse 13: 2,825 words

  • Other: 2,459 words

Production by Ship Type:

  • F/F: 4,681 words

  • F/M: 1,372 words

  • M/M: 4,051 words

  • Multi: 1,000 words

  • Gen: 150 words

Full-Length Fic
The Floor Under Our Feet Whispers. Teen Wolf, Derek/Sheriff, 2,216 words. Romance/first time with home improvement.
sigh it into my mouth. Teen Wolf, Derek/Lydia/Stiles, 1,000 words. Podficced by thilia. Present-tense character study from wolf!Derek's POV.
With Your Warm Wet Mouth. Elementary, Joan/Marcus, 972 words. PWP, semi-public blowjob.
In the Shape of You. Warehouse 13, Helena/Myka, 2,350 words. Angst with a happy(ish) ending. Begun in 2014.
Control. Inception, Arthur/Saito, 1,837 words. Watersports with D/s.

Leather and Lace. MCU, Melinda/Pepper, 125 words. Clothes-sharing.
Perfume. Teen Wolf, Kira/Malia, 150 words. Scent kink.
Killers. Mad Max: Fury Road, Toast Gen, 150 words. Backstory.
Not Just a River in Egypt. Teen Wolf, Lydia/always-a-girl!Stiles, 200 words. Girl crush.
Electricity. Teen Wolf, Kira/Malia, 150 words. Electrical play.
Entirely Understandable. Teen Wolf, Cora/Malia, 200 words. One-night stand.
Office Sex. MCU, Natasha/Pepper, 250 words. See title.
The Cradle of Her Hands. How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise/Eve, 474 words. Breathplay.
A Whisper of Air. Warehouse 13, Leena/Myka, 475 words. Hair braiding.
One Last Bit of Beauty. MCU, Melinda/Natasha, 507 words. Scarification.
Ain't Nothing That I Need. Elementary, Joan/Marcus, 200 words. Mixed Orientation Relationship with Aro!Joan.

BUT! There was also that one thing, that November thing, where I wrote 28,240 words of Pepper/Rhodey/Tony AU (but not as AU as it looks) fic!


And there are a few moderately substantial fics that are still sitting in my WIP folder. So really my writing production in 2015 looks more like this.

Total Stats

Total words written: 41,408 words
Production by Fandom:

  • Elementary: 1,172 words

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: 30,388 words

  • Teen Wolf: 4,551 words

  • Warehouse 13: 2,825 words

  • Other: 2,472 words

Production by Ship Type:

  • F/F: 4,694 words

  • F/M: 1,372 words

  • M/M: 5,776 words

  • Multi: 28,150 words

  • Gen: 1,416 words

In other words: I DID NOT FORGET YOU MCU! I just. . . didn't post in you, really, this year. But they're coming! So many words are coming! As soon as I get off my ass and REVISE, dammit.

My favorite fic of the year kind of has to be the longfic -- hot damn, I can't believe I actually did that! Writing a long fic was going to be my goal for 2016, and I ended up doing it in 2015, practically on a whim! It's my favorite just because I can say I accomplished it, really. But beyond that. . . I don't think I can pick a favorite fic this year. Every fic did something different for me, and I was proud of every fic in a different way. All my kinky end-of-year fics were just delightful to me, tapping into my id in ways I don't normally. All my femslash100 ficlets were written straight from some inspiration and came out pretty much exactly the way I envisioned. The Floor Under My Feet Whispers was the first traditionally romantic fic I completed and it's just so fluffy and warm that I'm not surprised people reacted so well to it. (It was definitely my most popular fic posted all year, and one of my most popular of all time.) sigh it into my mouth, while I doubt it counts as a success by any measure, was a really fun and interesting experience for me because I was working with someone else during the writing process, and I was writing specifically to be read aloud so I was hyper-focused on the sound and rhythm of the fic. And In the Shape of You, even though it was short, was a chaptered fic, so I had it living in my brain the longest, and there were two regular commenters responding to each update with such gracious, in-depth comments that just that fic would have made my year worth it.

In terms of how I felt in general. . . as evidenced by my overall liking for my fics, I actually felt pretty good this year! Even in the first 3/4 of the year, when I wasn't doing very much writing, what writing I was doing felt pretty good, pretty easy. I think it actually was good for me as a writer to be trying to fit it in around work instead of having whatever hours I wanted to write in -- it meant that I really buckled down when I was writing and focused, didn't let myself get distracted because I knew I had hours and hours ahead of me so I didn't need to rush.

And then in the last quarter, I blew my own mind with my NaNoWriMo. Every day I sat down thinking "Well, I'm probably not going to be able to do this, but hey, what's the harm in trying?" And then, way more often than I expected, I could in fact do it. And even when I couldn't quite make my goal, I still got a hell of a lot closer than I ever had before.

It helped, I think, that I wasn't working on projects that I was really seriously emotionally invested in. It felt like there was so much less at stake than it usually feels like there is. Or no. . . it's not that I wasn't invested in the projects. . . it's more than I wasn't as emotionally invested in writing itself as I was the previous two years. I was spending so much emotional investment on learning my new job that the writing was an afterthought in many respects, and I was freer in it that way.

So looking forward to 2016, I need to figure out how to keep that sense of freedom while actually upping my production, because while 40,000 words is miles better than the 11,000 words posted, it's still not the 72,000 words I wrote in 2013, and even that 72,000 words is nothing compared to what I'd like to be able to write.


Fic: One Last Bit of Beauty

So I maybe should've just done a combined post of all my fills once I was done with the Annual Femslash Kinkmeme. Oh well, too late now. Have another one!

Title: One Last Bit of Beauty
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Relationship(s): Melinda May/Natasha Romanov
Word Count: 508
Genre: ??? Dark-ish, mildly angsty, definitely kinky fluff?
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Scarification, Declarations of Love, Future Fic
Summary: Over the years, when she had pictured this moment, Natasha had imagined it happening under softer lighting, perhaps even by firelight. She had imagined being laid gently on a pile of blankets, had pictured Melinda using the combat knife she always kept at her hip. For all that she had seen, all that she had done, Natasha was a romantic still.