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Elementary Rolling Remix: Author and Order Reveals!

Final reveals for Elementary Rolling Remix have gone live! Check out the collection here.

Fanwork Order

Seed Story: A Little Night Music, by phoenixfalls

Thread One:
Make It Work (The Runyonland Music Remix), by sanguinity
shoot the sunshine into my veins, by everybodylies
Interlude, by grrlpup
À Deux (The Opus 11 Remix), by k_e_p/language_escapes
Further or Nearer, by amindamazed

Thread Two:
Reason, by capitalnineteen
A Very Long Six Weeks, by amindamazed
Difficult to say out loud, by nairobiwonders
Like Family, by beanarie
Like a Bat-Family, by sanguinity
Party Time, by worldiary/worldclass

Whew! I had fun, and I hope everybody else did too! Feel free to comment with any thoughts on how the fest worked for you, what you enjoyed, what didn't work so well, and of course, whether you'd like to do it again!

ETA: D'oh! Totally forgot to say -- please edit your work on AO3 to show the connection to the work you remixed! If you haven't done that before, when you click "Edit Work," you can scroll down to the "Associations" section, check the box labeled "This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work," then cut-and-paste the URL of the work that you remixed.
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Elementary Rolling Remix: Works Revealed!

Elementary Rolling Remix fanworks have been revealed!

Some next steps as creator:

  • Add whatever tags/summaries/identifying information to your fanworks that you desire

  • Update the posting date to today, so that the work shows in the tag feeds

Some things not to do yet, as a creator:

  • Don't link your work to the work that inspired it -- that would defeat the point of guessing!

  • Don't advertise your work yet -- authors will not be revealed for another week. Feel free to advertise the collection and let people who didn't participate know they can play the guessing game though!

Then go forth and read! Comment! Guess who wrote what! Guess what works inspired what other works! See if you can put together a whole chain! And, of course, post your guesses here so that we can all compare notes. :)

For guessing purposes, the creators involved in the rolling remix are:

amindamazed/hophophop, beanarie, capitalnineteen, everybodylies, grrlpup, k_e_p/language_escapes, nairobiwonders, phoenixfalls, sanguinity, worldiary


ETA: Author and order reveals will be next Saturday, January 21st!
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Elementary Rolling Remix: Posting Guidelines

Please read the following posting instructions carefully; they differ from most exchanges, in order to keep the posting order a mystery and hide clues about earlier fanworks from later remixers! If you have any questions about how this part works, comment here; comments will not be screened.

You must post your fanwork to AO3 and email it to the mod by your posting deadline. There's a soft deadline of midnight Pacific time on your post-date, but as long as your fanwork is in my inbox by the time I wake up the following morning, we'll be good.

When posting your work to AO3:

  • Post to Elementary Rolling Remix.

  • Please use the "Elementary" fandom tag; do not add any other fandom tags.

  • Do not add any other tags (characters, relationships, or freeform) at this time. When the collection opens you will be able to add all the tags you like!

  • Do not add ratings or warnings at this time; you should select "Not Rated" and "Creator Chose Not to Use Archive Warnings." Again, you will be able to correct this information once the collection opens.

  • The post date should be manually set to September 25, 2016. When the collection goes live, you may (and are encourage to!) change the date to the go-live date.

  • Please do not indicate which story you are remixing. You will be able to add this information after creators and posting order are revealed.

  • You may include a remix-style title or not, as you like, so long as you do not indicate what work you are remixing in that title.

When submitting your work via email:

  • If it is a fic, please submit it as an .rtf file. If you do not know how to convert your document into an .rtf file, you may submit a .doc or .docx file and I will do the conversion for you. If you do not know how to save as a .doc or .docx file, email me and we will figure something else out.

  • If it is a piece of art, please submit it as a .jpeg file.

  • If it is a vid, you may submit it via email if the file is less than 25MB. As this is unlikely to be the case, please submit it via Google Drive; I will download the vid to my own drive before sharing with your remixer, to maintain your anonymity. If you do not have a Google account, email me and we will figure something else out.

Joan Watson

Elementary Rolling Remix: Next Steps

I will be sending out emails with tentative assignment dates shortly. Please respond to the email so that I know you've received it! If you have any issue with your assignment date let me know ASAP, so that I can see if the schedule can be amended.

Once you have your assigned date, it's just a waiting game! If all goes well, I will be emailing you a 48 hour warning before your turn. This is the moment to defer, if something unanticipated has come up and you don't believe you will be able to finish your remix during the two weeks you've been assigned. If you let me know you are deferring before I have sent you the work I will simply move your turn to the end of the line. If, however, you let me know that you cannot complete your remix during your two weeks (after you have seen the work to be remixed), you will not be able to play for the rest of this round.

Because of the possibility of deferments, there is a chance your turn will come around as much as two weeks early. I have arranged the schedule so that no one's blackout dates are immediately prior to their turn, in the hopes that even receiving an assignment two weeks early will be doable for everyone playing.

Please note, however, that deferring your turn will be much easier on both me and the other participants than asking for an extension will be! Because of the nature of this remix, any extension sets everyone coming afterwards back as well. So when you receive the 48-hour warning, if you doubt your ability to finish in time, please take advantage of the deferment option.

If everything runs to schedule, the last work will be turned in on December 31st, and I will reveal the works (still anonymized) the following day. There will be a week-long anonymous period where both the authors and the links between the fanworks will be unknown; during this time, wild hypothesizing is not only allowed but encouraged! Guess at who created what, and what order the fanworks were created in. To aid in this guesswork (and ensure that you don't accidentally have someone who is participating beta your fanwork) here is the list of participants:

amindamazed/hophophop, beanarie, capitalnineteen, everybodylies, grrlpup, k_e_p/language_escapes, nairobiwonders, phoenixfalls, sanguinity, unovis, worldiary

But to make the guessing game a little more complicated, some of those people have signed up for multiple turns. :) Also, there were multiple sign-ups that included the possibility of non-fic fanworks, so do not be surprised if the work you receive to remix is an art piece or a vid!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here or email them to me. Comments on this post will not be screened, so if you have a question that may out you prematurely as the creator of your work, please send it via email or message me here or on tumblr.

There will be a post a little later on explaining how to properly post your remix -- please follow the instructions closely, so that we can maintain your fanworks' anonymity and make the guessing game as fun as possible! If you have any questions, again, please ask however you feel most comfortable.
Joan Watson

Elementary Rolling Remix: Sign-Ups - CLOSED

<<<<<Sign-ups are now CLOSED>>>>>


  1. You must have an AO3 account and a working email to play. Request an AO3 invite here.

  2. This is an Elementary-only remix. No other Holmes adaptations, no crossovers with other fandoms.

  3. This is an anything-goes remix; you may change the characters/pairing/rating/genre/medium of the work you are remixing, as long as you do not bash the original work's choices.

  4. Your work must be: a 1,000 word fic, a polished piece of art, or a 30 second fanvid. If you select two turns, you will produce two works during two separate creation-periods. There is no maximum on the size/length of the work you create.

  5. You will have two weeks to produce your work; you may choose to defer once, as long as you let the mod know before the work is sent to you. (Mod will email 48 hours before your turn to give you this opportunity.) In your sign-up you may black out up to a two-week period that you know in advance you will not be able to work during; this is separate from a deferral.

If you would like to discuss the rules, or if you have any other questions/concerns, please do so on this post.


  • Sign-ups open: 9/11/2016

  • Sign-ups close: 9/21/2016 at 9pm PDT

  • Tentative schedule emailed: 9/24/2016

  • Works revealed: TBD based on sign-ups

  • Authors revealed: TBD

Sign-Up Form

Please copy-and-paste from the text box, then add your sign-up info. Comments will be screened.
Joan Watson

Elementary Rolling Remix, anyone?

A few months back, I participated in MCU Rolling Remix, and had a blast. I want to have the same fun in all my fandoms, and I’m definitely willing to try and run an event like that in Elementary. So this is a post to see if anyone else would be willing to play with me!

Basically, there will be a seed fic, something written specifically for the remix. That seed fic will be handed to the first person in line, who will have a limited time period to remix it. That first remix will be handed to the second person in line, who will remix it without having seen the seed fic. Then *that* remix will be handed to the third person, who will remix it without having seen the seed fic or the first remix. And so on, until we run out of people. It’s basically a giant game of telephone, except in fic form! Then all the fics get revealed, and everyone gets to guess at the order of the remixes and who the authors are before reveals.

In terms of logistics, for MCU remix the word count minimum was 1,000 words and the time limit was 2 weeks per remix. Sign-ups included a space where you could black out a time period that you knew you wouldn’t be able to write during; and if you got the email saying it was your turn and it turned out you *couldn’t* write right then, you were given the option to defer once. Since there were quite a few sign-ups and nobody wanted the time between signing up and reveals to stretch out over year(s), the seed fic was handed to three different people, so there were three streams of remixes going at once, for added delight and confusion when fics were revealed. And since participants are handed a single fic that they have to remix, a lot of the usual remix rules were thrown out the window -- you are not bound by the characters or pairing or genre of the fic you are handed, you are free to go in an entirely separate direction so long as there is something tying your fic and the fic you’re remixing together. (I was a little disappointed no one did as was discussed in the comments and wrote an All Crab AU or similar!) The only limitation was that there could be nothing worthy of an AO3 archive warning in the fic -- no major character death, no rape/non-con, no underage, and no graphic torture. Also, no crossovers, as that wouldn’t be fair to the person remixing you!

So, to the point of this post:

  1. Would you like to play?

  2. Does a 1,000 word fic minimum work for you? If not, what would work better?

  3. Does a 2-week writing period work for you? If not, what would work better?

  4. Does the ‘all characters, relationships, and ratings are fair game’ rule work for you?

  5. Do you have any other thoughts/comments/concerns about participating?

ETA: My instinct is to say that no spoilers from season 5 will be allowed, should the rolling remix still be going when that starts airing, but that anything from seasons 1-4 will be fair game. People who aren't caught up are welcome to play, but have to be comfortable possibly getting spoiled and being handed a fic that uses characters and backstory from anywhere in canon-to-date. Thoughts?

ETA 2: How do you feel about fanart being a possible option for a remix stage? Would you be okay writing a fic remixing a piece of art, or having your fic remixed into a piece of art? And do any fanartists want to play this game?
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Fic: my tired soul on fire

My holmestice fic has been revealed! I attempted a new Holmes adaptation -- My Dearly Beloved Detective, a Russian film in which Sherlock Holmes was fictional but so many people came to 221b Baker Street looking to hire him that the owners of the property hired Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson to run an actual detective agency out of the residence. (The film is available in its entirety on YouTube, complete with fan-written English translations, here.) The film is a delightful mix of zaniness and understated melancholy; naturally I went straight for the angst. Also featured: canon cross-dressing, break-up sex. I had a rough time in the writing -- this is the first time I've literally taken a fic apart and put it back together in a different order -- but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Title: my tired soul on fire
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, My Dearly Beloved Detective
Relationship(s): Shirley Holmes/Jane Watson
Word Count: 1,273
Genre: Angst
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: POV First Person
I ached for everything we had been to each other, everything we could have been together. For every case we would not get to solve together; for all the useful skills I would not get to teach her; for every quiet evening in we would no longer spend chatting over our books or our mending.
Melinda May/Hold Tight

Fic: A Circuit Connected

My smutswap fic has come off anon! I went down a couple dead-end roads in the writing of it, and the result feels less polished than I like, but ultimately I had a lot of fun, and hopefully that comes through in the fic too. Also, c'mon, Melinda/Pepper is way too hot not to get more play in fic, I don't care that they've never even met in canon.

Title: A Circuit Connected
Fandom: MCU
Relationship(s): Melinda May/Pepper Potts
Word Count: 2,034
Genre: PWP
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Accidental Soulbond, Soulbond Made Them Do It, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Clothed Sex, Public Sex
Summary: It shouldn’t have been possible. You were supposed to need an overarching will for the bond, a clarity of purpose even the most committed couples struggled to find. And yet still, somehow, Pepper had accidentally ended up bonded to one Melinda May, secret agent.
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8 Ficlets for Chocolate Box

So fics have come off anon for Chocolate Box, which means I can now claim mine! I ended up writing eight (8!), all exactly 300 words because I'm ridiculous. It all started when I ended up matching my recipient on three separate fandoms, and then there were people requesting ships that I adore but that are super-rare, and then there were people that I just *had* to treat, so. . . 8 300-word ficlets, in a variety of fandoms and genres.

Alas, I don't think they all work completely, but I really love two of them and two others took me by surprise with their popularity and all my recipients seemed happy, so I'm calling this exchange a win! Though I don't know that I'd do it again -- eight ficlets meant coming up with EIGHT SEPARATE TITLES AND SUMMARIES. /o\

Title: A Delicate Homeostasis
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Word Count: 300
Genre: Future Fic
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Domestic
Summary: One Watson and one Holmes, increasingly intertwined.

Title: Lullabye and Good Night
Fandom: Elementary
Relationship(s): Alfredo Llamosa & Joan Watson
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Joan Watson/Sleep, Developing Friendship
Summary: Alfredo keeps ending up watching over a sleeping Joan.

Title: A Fire That Burns Unseen
Fandom: How to Get Away with Murder
Relationship(s): Annalise Keating/Bonnie Winterbottom
Word Count: 300
Genre: Medieval AU
Rating: Teen
Additional Tags: Fealty, Angst, Canon-Typical Dark Themes
Summary: Lady Annalise is worth it.

Title: So Beautifully Matched
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Iron Man Movies
Relationship(s): Maya Hansen/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Word Count: 300
Genre: Relationship Study
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies
Summary: Maya struggles to find her place with Pepper and Tony.

Title: A Sweet Smile and Lithe Arms
Fandom: Person of Interest
Relationship(s): Zoe Morgan/John Reese
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluffy Smut
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: BDSM, Blindfolds, Friends with Benefits.
Summary: Zoe loves to put John on his knees.

Title: Tremble for Yourself
Fandom: Person of Interest
Relationship(s): Lionel Fusco/John Reese
Word Count: 300
Genre: Angstier Smut
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Voice Kink, Sexual Fantasy
Summary: Fusco hates the way Reese says his name.

Title: Your Hand Found Mine
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Relationship(s): Finn/Rey
Word Count: 300
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: First Kiss
Summary: Rey liked touch, but she was never casual with it.

Title: Borrow Your Lust
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Relationship(s): Terrence Cee/Ethan Urquehart
Word Count: 300
Genre: Developing Relationship
Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Mixed Orientation Relationship, Telepathy, Post-Canon
Summary: Terrence has a perfectly reasonable idea for how to close the distance between them. Ethan doesn't react the way he expects.